Auto Dealer Branding Dilemma

Auto Dealer Branding Dilemma

If you have the time and money to create and air branding commercials, then go for it.

But most car dealers don’t have that kind of advertising budget. So what should you do to brand yourself through TV, radio, and online video? The truth is: maybe you shouldn’t do any branding on broadcast media.

Ask yourself, “what do I want my advertising budget to accomplish?" 99% of the time, the answer we hear is, “I want more traffic.”

If that’s you, then don’t worry so much about using your TV commercials to tell the public about how great your people are, how many years of experience they have, how nice your showroom is, and all that stuff. You can put that on your website, social media, and in other places where you don’t have time restrictions and budget limitations.

Instead use broadcast and digital video to describe to the customer how he/she will feel because of their new car, why the products you have to sell are better than a competing brand, and of course, why and how you’re going to give them a great deal.

If you spend time branding in broadcast, that’s time you’re not spending on giving people reasons to do business with you now. And isn’t more traffic now what you really want?

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