We create
car dealer commercials
that will bring you
more customers.

We eliminate the uncertainty you feel
about whether your spots will work
and if they'll be done on time.

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Your marketing is crucial to your success.
Don’t leave it to amateurs.

car dealer tv commercials created quickly

On time.

No more waiting weeks
for a new commercial.
We get it done in just a few
days, and sometimes, hours.

car dealer ads that get attention

On target.

Stop shooting in the dark.
Our advertising experts will craft
a hyper-focused message
designed to get your shoppers
to take action now.

affordable car dealership commercial production

On budget.

The days of spending $5,000
on a TV commercial are over.
We deliver high-quality spots
at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Discover how the
Dealer Creative process
will make you look like
a marketing genius.

call for a TV commercial, radio commercial, or video



We’ll listen to your
goals and challenges,
and talk about new ideas.

we create your marketing video or commercial



We’ll write and produce
your attention-getting ad,
with your input along the way.

you'll get more customers with our dealership commercials

You get


Begin airing your new spot
with visibility and clarity
you haven’t experienced before.

What makes Dealer Creative different
from production companies and
your local cable and TV stations?

We’ve been where you are.

We’ve worked at car dealerships, ad agencies, and marketing departments. We know you’re under pressure and overwhelmed. Working with inexperienced vendors can be very frustrating when you have an endless list of tasks and deadlines you can’t afford to miss.

With that in mind, we’ve built a creative and efficient company to serve you in the 30-day cycle you live in. We also know auto dealer advertising plans can change on a dime, so we’re fully prepared when you’re in a pinch.

But it goes much deeper than that. We are automotive advertising, creative, and production professionals who know how to deliver your marketing message clearly, boldly, and with the most impact.

There’s a reason why it’s free.

TV stations, cable companies, and radio stations might offer you free production to get you to sign the deal. Those guys will give it a good shot, but the truth is your commercial is one of hundreds in the production guy’s stack for the week. They don’t have the time to write and produce creatively. They don’t have experience in auto dealer advertising. Their goal is to just whip something out and get it on the air so they can move on to the next one.

You deserve much better than that. You deserve a full creative team with the time and expertise necessary to develop advertising that gets you results.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Then there are the budget production companies who try to squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all template. That's no way to market your business.

As a car dealer you should have two goals in your advertising: 1) drive traffic to your store today and, 2) build your brand for the future. But think about it:

how can you build your brand using some other dealer’s commercials?

auto dealership advertising success plan

A proven auto advertising recipe for success.

Dealer Creative's Exclusive 7-Step Advertising Focus System works every time. Why? Because our expert team of auto advertising writers and producers knows how to focus your marketing message so that it resonates with car buyers and motivates them to take action today.

And it works for any size dealer, in any size market, anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Hungry for more?

7 Ways Car Dealerships Sabotage Their Own Marketing

(and some of them may surprise you)

free car dealer advertising resource


Over the years, we’ve produced over 20,000 commercials and videos for car dealerships. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve identified 7 very common mistakes dealers and their ad agencies make in their advertising.

In this free resource, you’ll learn:

  • When and why these mistakes occur
  • The consequences of these errors
  • Easy fixes to all 7 problems so you can get back on track, fast

We work with auto dealer marketing professionals.

auto dealership advertising directors

advertising directors
& marketing teams

car dealer principals

dealer principals
& sales managers

automotive advertising agencies


TV and cable advertising for car dealers


We've teamed up with thousands of auto dealership advertising directors, auto large group marketing teams, general managers, sales managers, dealer principals, and automotive advertising agency owners and account executives.

Dealer Creative is also an auto dealer commercial production partner for cable companies and television stations who want to provide high-quality car dealer TV commercials that get results.

900 auto dealership marketing plans





20,000 car dealership commercials and videos




commercials & videos

We’ve helped over 900 car dealerships and advertising agencies
create commercials and videos that get attention and drive traffic.
And we have the people, process, and video production power
to meet your deadline, every time.


How much will it cost?

You need a new spot, you need it to get results, and you need it now.

How many times has the TV station or an inexperienced production company left you hanging?
How many times have they given you a flat, boring commercial that simply had no impact?
How many customers have you lost because your spot didn’t get on the air quick enough?

They don’t understand the pressure you’re under, and they don’t understand auto dealer advertising.
The truth is the money you saved in production probably cost you more than you realize.

If you’re looking for a $500 TV commercial, we’re probably not for you.

You’re a multi-million dollar business.  You deserve more than a cheap, cookie-cutter ad or the freebie the TV station offered to hook you in.  With Dealer Creative you’ll get a team of creative professionals that will address your unique challenges and develop an advertising strategy to bring you more customers.

We’ve made a very significant investment in people, technology, facility, and education to stay on the cutting edge of auto dealer marketing, and that means more traffic to your showroom and website.

Special pricing available for dealers of any size.

We have packages available for dealers and dealer groups of every size and in any size market.  We also offer special discounts for ad agencies and members of select state auto dealer associations.  Contact us at (800) 951-4005 to learn more.

We are regular speakers, contributors, and members of
the most recognized auto dealer organizations and events.

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auto dealership marketing partner and advocate

Advocates for dealers.

As much as we are a creative and production company, we are also an advocate for auto dealers.

We believe that dealers play a crucial role in our economies and our communities, so our goal is to present your name, your dealership, and your team in the most positive, passionate, and professional way possible.

Yes, we want to help you drive traffic today, but we also take pride in helping you build your brand for the future and solidifying it for generations to come.


Your business is everything.


Don’t risk losing customers. 

Don't risk missing advertising deadlines.

And don’t risk damaging your brand.  If you put your advertising creative in the hands of the TV station or amateur production companies, you're taking a chance.

Call Dealer Creative today, eliminate the risk, and become a marketing genius.

increase car dealership profit with video

Dominate your market
with commercials and videos
that get attention and get customers.

Contact us for a fast,
10-minute creative evaluation
and no-obligation price quote.