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We create
car dealer commercials
that will bring you
more customers.

Get high quality spots
that drive traffic now and
build your brand for the future.

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Auto dealer advertising that's spot on.

auto dealer advertising strategy

On target.

Our advertising strategists will design a message to attract
in-market shoppers and
appeal to future customers.

car dealer commercials produced quickly

On time.

Don't wait weeks for a new commercial. We get it done in
a few days, and sometimes hours,
without sacrificing quality.

auto dealer advertising experts on your marketing team

On your team.

You have a lot on your plate.
We’ll take on the heavy lifting
of creative and video
to make you look good.

Dealer groups and automotive ad agencies
choose Dealer Creative.


Automotive advertising is constantly changing. You need an experienced creative and video partner who can run as fast as you (or even faster).

Auto dealer marketing managers and agencies trust Dealer Creative to be that partner.  We’re automotive advertising specialists with a proven formula to drive traffic and build brands.

We have the people, processes, and production power to create video ads at scale, at a moment’s notice.

car dealer advertising and video production team

A creative partner on your side.

Most auto dealer marketing managers are pulled in a dozen different directions. And that’s just before 9am. By the time you’re done putting out all the fires, you’ve burned all your energy and have no juice for creative thinking.

Our creative team will do the thinking for you. Whether you have three pages of notes or vague direction from your manager, we’ll take charge and bring it to life.

With Dealer Creative, you’ll always have a full creative team on your team.

car dealer tv radio social media video advertising

Automotive advertising specialists who get it.

Dealer groups of all sizes trust Dealer Creative for their monthly retail commercial production and long-term branding.  We understand car dealerships and car shoppers, and how to build ad strategies that connect the two.

First we get clear on the audience, where they are in the funnel, and what the media buy looks like.  Then we create. 

Using our exclusive Advertising Focus System, we write and produce video advertising that meets car shoppers where they are in the buying cycle and in the media they consume:

- Broadcast & cable TV advertising
- CTV/OTT advertising
- Video pre-roll & YouTube advertising
- Social media video advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
- Videos for your home page, landing pages, and VDPs
- Out-of-home, in-store, stadiums, and anywhere there’s a video screen
- Broadcast radio advertising & streaming radio ads

last minute automotive advertising and video production services

Ready for your emergencies.

You’re in a pinch. Something slipped through the cracks. Or a last minute project got dropped in your lap. No problem. We just know what to do next.

With experience comes instincts.

With over two decades in automotive advertising, it’s second nature to us to snap into action and deliver creative solutions--fast.

We’ve seen an emergency or two, and we’re ready for yours too.

car dealer video advertising library

Create video at scale, fast.

If you want to be competitive, you have to get your retail message out quickly—and get it out everywhere.

But most marketing departments and automotive ad agencies don’t have a creative director, copywriters, and audio and video producers.  With Dealer Creative, you get the whole creative team.

Whether it’s one, dozens, or hundreds of custom-made video ads, we’ll get ‘em done fast so your message is out there, everywhere. ASAP.

create car dealer video advertising assets

Be ready with a library of video assets.

Has a manager ever said to you, “hey, we need to do such-and-such promotion. And we need it by Friday?”

If you had a library of video assets on hand for social, pre-roll, and TV & radio, that would be no problem.

We’ll build an arsenal of customizable video ads for sales events, branding, service, used car acquisition, digital retail, special financing, and anything you can think of.

This way, the heavy lifting is already done, and you can get your message out faster than anybody else.

approve car dealer commercial online

Easy online review & approval.

Endless email threads and searching for attachments are a waste of your time. We’ve solved that with our convenient online review tool.

The moment your spot is complete, you’ll receive a link. Just click it to review the video. If you have feedback, you can make comments and draw right on the video.

No more typing out e-mails wondering if we’ll understand your changes.  The Dealer Creative online review tool speeds up communication and saves you time.

900 auto dealership marketing plans


22,000 car dealership commercials and videos


We’ve helped over 900 car dealerships and advertising agencies
create over 22,000 commercials and videos
that get attention and drive traffic.

We work with auto dealer marketing professionals.

auto dealership advertising directors

advertising directors
& marketing teams

car dealer sales managers and dealer principals

dealer principals
& sales managers

automotive advertising agencies


TV and cable advertising for car dealers


We've teamed up with thousands of auto dealership advertising directors, large dealer group marketing teams, general managers, sales managers, dealer principals, and automotive advertising agency owners and account executives.

We're also an auto dealer commercial production partner for cable companies and television stations
who want to provide high-quality car dealer TV commercials that get results.


Discover how the Dealer Creative process

will make you look like a marketing hero.


How much will it cost?

You need a new spot, you need it to get results, and you need it now.

The OEM just dropped new incentives. And your manager just dropped a new project in your lap. You can’t afford the TV station or local video production guy to drop the ball.

We’re automotive advertising experts, and we’re built to take it all off your plate.

Even at the last minute, you’ll still get a video strategy and high quality video production that drives traffic.

If you’re looking for a $500 TV commercial, we’re probably not for you.

Trying to save money in production now can cost you later:  wasted time, missed deadlines, and lost business.

Plus, you’re a multi-million dollar business with a brand to build and maintain. You deserve more than a cheap, cookie-cutter ad or the free spot the TV station offered to hook you in.

With Dealer Creative, you’ll get a team of advertising creative professionals that will address your unique challenges and develop a strategy to bring you more customers.

Easy and fair pricing for everybody.

Every dealership is different, so call us to discuss ideas and pricing. We'll create a custom package that's perfect for your group or agency.

To give you a ballpark, most of the 30 second spots you see on our website cost between $1,595 and $1,995.

No matter what kind of commercial or video you need, we promise to always be fair and to always do the right thing.

Contact us at (800) 951-4005 to talk it through.

Getting a new commercial or online video ad is easy.

call to discuss car dealer advertising strategy


We’ll listen to your
goals and challenges,
and talk about strategies.

copywriting audio production video production for car dealership advertising


We’ll write and produce
your attention-getting ads,
with your feedback along the way.

car dealership advertising campaigns to get new leads


Launch your campaign,
get new leads, and
check it off your to-do list.