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Auto Dealer Advertising: The Age of the Customer

Auto Dealer Advertising: The Age of the Customer

“The Age of the Customer.”  It’s kinda sad that auto dealer advertising hasn’t always been about the customer, but it’s true.

In his Driving Sales article Meeting Demands in the Age of the Customer, Mo Zahabi observes that many dealerships are struggling to embrace this entirely different mindset.

Professional TV, Radio, and Online Advertising

The same is true for many dealerships in their TV commercials, radio commercials, and pre-roll videos.  They think the yell-and-sell approach is still the way to generate traffic.  That is so 30 years ago.

Today’s most successful dealers are building trusted brands with a professional presentation in their TV, radio, and pre-roll advertising.

You can’t do that dressed in a clown suit, riding an inflatable pink elephant on the roof of the dealership.

Build a Bridge Using Your Advertising and Video

As Mo says, most car shoppers would rather experience the darlings of the DMV than go through the stress of buying a car.  But what if your dealership was the one that flipped decades of dishonesty, distrust, and disengagement on its ear?

What if it was your dealership that used its advertising to build a bridge for customers?

What if you embraced “The Age of the Customer” in your communication to the customer way before they ever contacted you?

Think you’d stand out above your competition?  Think you’d be the dealership that shoppers would most want to do business with?  Think you’d get more leads?

I bet you would.

Read Mo’s full article here, and think about how this approach can apply to your TV commercials, radio commercials, pre-roll advertising, and online videos.

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