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Car Dealership Commercials:
How To Choose the Right Car Dealer
Video Production Company

car dealer advertising experts

Car dealer advertising takes expertise.


Your search for the perfect creative and production company to produce your car dealership commercials could go on forever.  That’s because any kid right out of school can get access to good cameras, fast computers, and powerful editing tools.

But the technical aspect of car dealership video production is only a small part of the equation.  What good is a pretty video if it doesn’t have an impact on the viewer?

Dealer Creative brings unprecedented auto dealer video marketing expertise to the table.  Our automotive, advertising, and video production veterans deliver market insights, creative strategy, fresh ideas, and of course the video production power needed to drive more traffic to your dealership.

The kid with the camera doesn’t have that.

quality car dealer commercials quickly


A car dealer commercial production company must be creative AND efficient.


For car dealer commercials to be effective, of course you need quality video production.  But almost as important in this equation is efficiency.

Car dealerships and their marketing teams live in a 30-day whirlwind.  Their vendors and marketing partners not only need to understand this cycle, they need to live it and build their processes around it.

Dealer Creative built its entire advertising and production process around one simple premise:  be creative and efficient.  That’s how you superserve car dealerships.  

Auto manufacturer incentives and dealership marketing plans can change in a flash.  Car dealer video companies must have the systems, processes, technology, and of course expert writers and producers to turn around a large volume of commercials and videos very quickly.

And they need to do it without sacrificing quality.

Dealer Creative has written and produced over 20,000 TV commercials, radio commercials, and YouTube pre-roll videos for car dealerships all over the United States and Canada.  The only way that’s possible is by designing a video company that specifically serves car dealerships in their unique 30-day marketing world.

choose dealer creative for car dealer commercials


Why choose Dealer Creative for car dealer commercials?


As you well know, consumer behavior has changed, and it will continue to evolve--rapidly.  Every car dealer’s video advertising has to change with it, or they’ll get left behind.  

Dealer Creative thrives on imagination, inspiration, and ingenuity. That’s the creative part.  But the analytical side of us knows how to apply the data to drive those creative ideas. That’s how we reach the modern car shopper, and that’s how we drive them to car dealerships using video advertising.  

Applying our decades of experience in car dealer advertising creative and mixing it with the latest digital marketing tools gives us an edge over other video production companies and many ad agencies.  

And that kid with the camera?  He’ll get there someday. But you need results now!

great car dealership commercials for the auto industry


Great car dealership commercials that reshape the industry.


Car dealerships often get a bad rap for either being generic or too aggressive in their sales and advertising efforts.  Dealer Creative is determined to change the way car buyers view car dealerships.  

Auto dealers are leaders in our communities.  Dealerships provide thousands of jobs. And despite public perception, car dealerships truly are customer-centric companies.  We want dealers all over the USA and Canada to take advantage of the unique opportunity they have to reshape the industry’s reputation, or at the very least, their own.  

Our unique blend of creative helps you to drive traffic now while also building your brand for the future.  We have endless commercial production styles and ideas perfect for your dealership. The end result? Your ads will convey that car buyers will get a great price and that they should shop now. 

At the same time, your dealership’s commercials will send a loud and clear message that consumers will have the best shopping experience--with you.

car dealer tv commercial ideas


The best car dealer commercials, done fast.


On top of our commitment to innovation and connecting you with your customer using TV commercials and the latest video marketing strategies, Dealer Creative has unmatched video and audio production capabilities. 

We’ve invested in the top tools and most modern equipment to bring car dealers the best video production quality paired with the fastest video production turnaround in the industry. We can say with confidence that we have the people, process, and video production power to accommodate any project of any scale, even with a car dealer’s sometimes tight deadlines. 

Here’s what makes us different in terms of production capabilities:

  • 5,200-square-foot TV studio
  • Talk show set & stage 
  • 20-foot green and blue screens
  • Professional audio recording studios
  • 12 animation, design, and audio/video editing centers

Most automotive advertising agencies and video production companies only dream of having a studio facility like this.  We have it available for your TV commercial project right here. And that saves you time and money.  

But most importantly, your dealership’s commercials will get you results thanks to our people.  Dealer Creative’s team of highly experienced designers, video editors, and audio producers know how to meet your video production deadline while maintaining top quality.

car dealer video production services


More than a car dealership commercial production company.


We help our clients shine with exciting, original ideas and advertising excellence, but we have much more to offer than just dealership commercials. We offer a long list of auto dealer advertising creative services:

  • Video production. First and foremost, Dealer Creative is a car dealership commercial production company. We love what we do, and our passion for our craft is obvious in each of our projects. Browse our samples to see for yourself. We can develop TV commercials, video pre-roll ads, web videos, corporate and long-format videos, and more.
  • Audio production. We have a full audio recording studio to develop high-quality, high-impact audio tracks for radio commercials, Pandora, streaming radio ads, custom jingles, and to record voiceover talent. And don’t forget that every television commercial and video pre-roll ad has sound, so we guarantee that every video we create will jump off the screen and make the speakers sizzle. 
  • Creative services.  Dealerships and automotive ad agencies need professional help with copywriting, retail campaigns, branding campaigns, and advertising consulting.  Our highly experienced creative team will guide you through every step of the process. Combine these services with our car dealership video production experts, and you’ll have advertising gold.  
  • Video marketing. TV and radio are still major drivers of brand awareness and traffic to dealership websites and showrooms.  Online video advertising is also an essential component of a car dealer’s video advertising efforts. We’re on the cutting edge of video pre-roll, YouTube pre-roll, YouTube’s six-second bumper ads, and video advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Graphic Design.  Dealer Creative goes all out when it comes to design. After all, this is your brand we’re talking about. Our team of experienced graphic designers and motion graphics artists tackles projects like banner ads, print design and layout, logo and identity design, and 2D & 3D animation. 
  • Videography.  Car dealers from all over the United States and Canada choose Dealer Creative for our on-location shooting capabilities and our two massive in-house production studios. We have actors and spokespeople available to handle any acting roles or voiceovers you may need.

Dealer Creative’s goal:  to create the best car dealership commercials with the most impact in the least amount of time. We’re able to accomplish this because we do everything in house.   We’re able to write and produce your dealership’s commercials and videos faster, better, and for much less than you might think. 

create a car dealer tv commercial with dealer creative


Get started on your new car dealership commercials.


Auto dealer advertising excellence starts here at Dealer Creative.  We understand your customers, and we know what car dealer marketing teams need to get done--and how quickly they need it.

To learn more or to get started with car dealership commercial production with Dealer Creative, contact us using the form below or call (800) 951-4005.

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