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Car Dealer TV Ads:
Times Are Changing

creative local car dealer tv ads

Those crazy local car dealer TV ads
are becoming a thing of the past. 


And your customers couldn’t be more happy about it. 

That’s because today’s car shoppers want authenticity and transparency.  They prefer to do business with auto dealerships they can trust.  

Dealer Creative’s high-quality, professional TV commercials and online video ads will help you gain that trust, long before the customer ever sets foot in your dealership.

car dealer tv ad success formula from dealer creative


Our Success Formula For Effective Car Dealer TV Ads.


Most auto dealer advertising agencies understand the importance of saying the right things to the right consumers at the right time.  

But that’s not enough anymore.  Consumer behavior has changed.

That’s why Dealer Creative’s exclusive 7-Step Creative Strategy for car dealer TV ad creation is so effective.  We guide you through the process of understanding your customer, how your dealership can solve their problems, and what they need to see and hear in your TV commercials in order to take action.

Once you go through the car dealer TV advertising creation process with us, you’ll see how much better-optimized your TV commercials are.  And that means more customers.

effective car dealer tv ads from dealer creative


Car Dealer TV Ads That Say What Customers Want to Hear.


Reaching modern consumers with a car dealer TV ad gets more difficult each day.  People are more distracted than ever, and they’re less inclined to listen to an ad from start to finish.

But with the right creative thinking, your commercial can grab attention and hold their interest for all 15, 30, or 60 seconds.  

Dealer Creative understands customer shopping patterns, and we know that today’s buyers want more from a car dealership than great deals.  They want to buy from a dealership they can trust. That’s where strong branding content can make your TV ad stronger than your competition.

Consumers prefer advertising content that speaks the truth.  A car dealer TV ad that comes from the heart will resonate with shoppers.  

How do you get your TV ad to connect with your target audience?  Just be honest. Be you.

Humans respond positively to things that are true. In the same vein, they react negatively when they believe a brand is trying to pull one over on them.  As a car dealer, your commercial needs to be passionate, positive, and packed with authenticity. 

Commercials by Dealer Creative use the truth to convey a sense of believability, dependability, and transparency.  Audiences respond well to these feelings and will associate your brand with the one thing car dealerships need the most:  trust.

car dealer tv ads and video production management


We Manage Car Dealer TV Ad Creation from Start to Finish.


Most dealerships don’t have a national brand-sized budget to invest in radio and television commercials.  

Dealer Creative also knows that most car dealers don’t have the years of education, experience, and expertise required to write and produce TV ads.  

And they don’t have the time to worry about it.

But they still need a skilled automotive marketing team and efficient video production company to come along side them.  

With that in mind, we developed a creative strategy and production process where everything is done in-house.  

Dealer Creative takes care of everything in the commercial creation process, from copywriting and campaign marketing to video production, video editing, animation, graphic design, voiceovers, audio editing, music, and jingles. We even transfer your commercials to the media outlets for you at no additional charge.

This all-in-one solution makes TV ad production simple and cost-effective for car dealers of every size.  And, it’s how we’re able to offer superior commercial production at a more affordable price than automotive advertising agencies and local video production companies.

fresh car dealer tv ad ideas attract more car shoppers


Attract More Car Shoppers with Our Fresh Car Dealer TV Ads.


Dealer Creative has created more than 20,000 high-impact commercials for radio, television, YouTube, video pre-roll, Facebook, and more, all designed to convert a viewer into your customer.  It’s why car dealerships know us as more than a production company – we’re truly an auto dealer creative company.

Helping you create effective car dealership TV advertising is why we’re here.  We’re the one-stop shop for TV and radio ads for dealerships all over the USA and Canada.  Learn more about Dealer Creative’s products and services. 

Dominate your market with effective car dealer TV ads from Dealer Creative.  And do it better, faster, and for less. Call (800) 951-4005 or click below to speak to one of our auto dealer advertising specialists.

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