Car Dealership Commercials

Car Dealership Commercials

You’re on a search for the perfect creative and production company to produce your car dealership commercials. One of the most important qualities is, of course, creativity. But one of the other most important things to look for is efficiency.

Dealer Creative is your source for polished, professional, and positively unique dealership commercials and audio advertisements that drive traffic. What makes us different is that we’re also able to create car dealer commercials with fast turnaround. No sacrifices. Any production company with the right tools and equipment can create a good looking car dealer commercial, but only Dealer Creative brings auto dealer expertise to the table along with fresh ideas and the production power to bring your commercial to life and get it on the air fast.

Why Choose Dealer Creative?

Dealer Creative thrives on imagination, inspiration, and ingenuity. We are constantly thinking of new ideas and developing the latest strategies to drive traffic to car dealerships. Our passion for thinking differently and our unique approach to car dealer advertising gives us an edge over production companies and ad agencies.

We believe in painting a picture of professionalism and quality in our commercials, reflecting the values of today’s modern auto dealership. We understand that today’s consumers demand originality, personality, and honesty in commercials. Learn more about how we feel about the power of truth in advertising.

Our highly experienced creative team can write and produce car dealer commercials to help you get attention to drive traffic today, while also building your brand to stand out over the long term.

On top of our commitment to creativity, Dealer Creative has unmatched video and audio production capabilities. We’ve invested in the top tools and most modern equipment to bring our clients the very best quality and the fastest turnaround in the industry. We can say with confidence that we have the fastest equipment, latest software, and the resources to accommodate any project of any scale. Here’s what makes us different in terms of production capabilities:

  • Almost 16,000 square feet of studio and production space
  • Two 4,000-square-foot television studios
  • 20-foot green screens
  • Audio recording studio
  • Three audio editing suites
  • 17 animation, design, audio, and video editing centers
  • Drone quad-copter for aerial footage with amazing 4K quality
  • Two dedicated high-speed fiber internet connections
  • Over 100TB of media storage on site
  • Unlimited cloud storage

Our enormous sound stage can accommodate large green screen shoots, multiple vehicles in studio, and all the space you need to achieve any car dealership commercial you can dream of. Our production space and audiovisual capacities mean you don’t have to travel to some big Hollywood studio to shoot – or pay the costs of transporting your vehicles and our equipment. We accomplish more for less, all right here.

We Know Great Car Dealership Commercials

Car dealerships often get a bad rap for either being generic or too aggressive in their sales and advertising efforts. Dealer Creative is determined to break this mold and showcase auto dealerships as the prestigious and customer-centric companies they really are. We want dealers to take advantage of our superb and unique commercial production styles and ideas to send the message that their customers will have a better experience shopping there than at competing dealers, that they’ll get a better deal, and that they’ll want to become a customer for life.

Dealer Creative knows that the main goal behind an investment in advertising is to drive traffic. We have the marketing, campaign, and production expertise to make this happen for your dealership. Our talented writers, designers, animators, shooters, and video editors will make your commercial grab attention right from the first word. Find out more about developing your car dealer commercials with us to start bringing more customers to your store now.

More Than a Dealership Commercial Production Company

We help our clients shine with exciting, original ideas and advertising excellence, but we have much more to offer than just dealership commercials. We offer a long list of auto dealer advertising creative services:

  • Video production. First and foremost, Dealer Creative is a car dealership commercial production company. We love what we do, and our passion for our craft is obvious in each of our projects. Browse our samples to see for yourself. We can develop TV commercials, video pre-roll ads, web videos, corporate and long-format videos, and out-of-home displays.
  • Audio production. We have a full audio recording studio to develop high-quality, high-impact audio tracks for radio commercials, Pandora, streaming radio ads, custom jingles, and to record voiceover talent. And don’t forget that every television commercial and video pre-roll ad has sound, so we guarantee that every video we create will jump off the screen and make the speakers sizzle. Speak your message loud and clear to your target audience with help from Dealer Creative.
  • Creative services. The latter half of our brand name shows through in everything we do, but we offer special creative services for dealerships and automotive ad agencies that need professional help with copywriting, retail campaigns, branding campaigns, and advertising consulting. Combine these services with your car dealership commercials for a polished, perfected advertisement.
  • Video marketing. We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves a dealership commercial production company without video marketing expertise. We know all about video optimization, syndication, and analytics – not to mention interactive video. Better yet, we know how to use our knowledge to make an actual impact on your dealership.
  • Dealer Creative goes all out when it comes to design. After all, this is your brand we’re talking about. Our team of experienced graphic designers and motion graphics artists loves to tackle projects like banner ads, print design and layout, and logo and identity design and animation. Your dealership’s design sets the stage for the rest of your company.
  • “Lights, cameras, action!” is what we do best. Car dealers from all over the United States and Canada choose Dealer Creative for our on-location shooting capabilities and our two massive in-house production studios. We have actors and spokespeople available to handle any acting roles or voiceovers you may need.

Dealer Creative’s goal: to create the best car dealership commercials with the most impact in the least amount of time. We do this with unmatched production and recording capabilities and the latest audio-video technologies. We do everything in house to get your commercials and videos created faster, better, and for much less than you might think. Dealer Creative is truly more than a production company – we’re a creative company.

Get Started on Your Car Dealership Commercial

Dealer Creative is your key to auto dealer advertising excellence. We bring the passion, pace, and pursuit of success you need and deserve in a production company. Every auto dealer who works with us will experience that on a daily basis. Our creative, marketing, and production teams know how to drive traffic to car dealers today and build brands with masterfully crafted dealership commercials of any caliber right from our studios. Our intelligent and efficient creative production company strives to maximize the quality of auto dealer advertising. To get started with car dealership commercials at Dealer Creative, contact us online or call our Raleigh, NC, headquarters at (800) 951-4005.


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