Car Dealer TV Commercials

Car Dealer TV CommercialsAt Dealer Creative, we see the power of high-quality high-impact car dealer TV commercials firsthand. We are in the business of producing above-average auto dealer advertisements that achieve one main goal – grabbing attention. Our dealership TV ads aren’t the kind consumers want to mute or tune out – they are unique, optimized advertisements that serve to hook your target audience and keep them watching until the very end. Dealer Creative auto dealership commercials catch viewers’ interest from the start and maintain interest until your final call to action. Here’s how.

Creative Ideas for Car Dealer TV Commercials

The days of putting your manager in a flashy costume and issuing a sales pitch for 30 seconds are long gone. Your ability to cram all the reasons they should choose your dealership into one commercial doesn’t impress today’s consumers. Car dealer TV commercials need to build a relationship with viewers, get them interested in your offers, and motivate them to visit your website or dealership. Ads need to inspire trust in your company, not irritation at yet another loud and pushy auto dealer. Find out why we believe in truth in dealer advertisements.

Dealer Creative has mastered the formula for optimized TV ads. Our full-service company has a team of creative thinkers to start the process with outstanding copywriting, retail campaign, branding campaign, and advertising consulting capabilities. Creativity is at the heart of our company and makes all the difference in why our ads stand out from the crowd. You’ll work closely with our creative team to come up with stellar ideas for your customized commercial.

Outstanding Video Production Capabilities

Our shooting and video production teams will masterfully create your TV commercial on location in our amazing almost 16,000-square-foot production space. We’ve invested in the top equipment, recording tools, and editing software to create beautiful, high-quality commercials that make an impact on viewers. Learn more about us. Our clients have access to professional resources such as:

  • Two 4,000-square-foot TV studios
  • 20-foot green and blue screens
  • Professional audio recording studio
  • Three audio editing suites with the latest software
  • 17 animation, design, and audio/video editing centers
  • Drone for superb aerial footage

Our car dealer TV commercials are the best in the business, thanks to our impressive collection of creative and production tools. We have the means to accommodate small and large projects throughout the United States and Canada.

Mastering the Finishing Touches

Dealer Creative is a full-service car dealer TV commercial production company, meaning we leave nothing to chance. After we professionally film, develop, edit, and design your commercial, we’ll help you market your advertisement locally and nationally for its best chance at driving traffic to your store. Our video marketing services include video optimization, syndication, analytics, and interactive video. We can also design banner ads, logos, and identity-building graphics for your dealership to pair with your custom commercial. Dealer Creative is truly a one-stop shop for video production and advertising.

Dealer Creative knows great auto dealer advertisements for the web, radio, and television. If you’re ready to start creating your ideal car dealer TV commercial, contact us online or call Dealer Creative at (800) 951-4005.


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