Auto Dealer Commercials

Auto Dealer CommercialsDealer Creative has reinvented auto dealer commercials. In an age where video content is king, the quality of online and television advertisements is more important than ever before. Your dealership ads have to be poignant, unique, and representative of what your company stands for. It is no longer enough to offer the lowest prices or best deals in the area – you have to showcase what makes your auto dealership better than its competitors are in terms of customer service, integrity, and quality. The best way to do this is with commercials that send your message effectively.

What Makes a Great Auto Dealer Commercial?

We built Dealer Creative to answer one question: What makes a great auto dealer commercial? Through years of market research, consumer analytics, and tracking trends, we’ve honed our company to answer this question and create outstanding dealership ads consistently. Our carefully optimized production process enables us to develop high-impact advertisements that grab attention again and again. Explore our process.

What’s our secret? Creative, think-outside-the-box ideas. We don’t just crank out redundant auto dealer commercials from a standard template to make a profit. We work closely with each of our clients, develop a customized ad for their target audience, and produce a video or audio advertisement tailored for specific goals. We work with dealer principles, general managers, sales managers, marketing managers, ad agency owners/executives/directors, and digital agencies to write, develop, design, and produce commercials that make a genuine impact.

At Dealer Creative, we’ve worked hard to understand today’s consumers so you don’t have to. Our company knows the importance of speaking to modern-day buyers like humans and not potential profits. The videos we create for clients are genuine, honest, and truthful – exactly what consumers want. When you work with Dealer Creative, you can rest assured that your advertisement will say exactly what it should to generate leads and drive traffic – no more, no less. Learn more about why we think honesty is the best policy when it comes to auto dealer commercials.

The Power of Creative Auto Dealer Commercials

When we say we’ve reinvented auto dealer advertising, we mean we’ve taken the traditional process and completely transformed it. Dealer Creative isn’t your average production company. We’re a creative solution to web, television, and radio advertisements that really make an impact. Our process is unique in the industry. Our goal isn’t to whip up car dealer commercials and rush them to the stations – it’s to create high-impact commercials that are more effective, moving, and affordable than traditional ads. How do we accomplish this? By prioritizing creativity.

Dealer Creative lives and breathes auto dealer commercials. Our advertising and marketing teams spend every Tuesday researching the competition and discussing everything from psychology to consumer trends together at the roundtable. We are determined to learn what causes consumers to do the things they do and how we can apply this to car dealer advertising. We’re always coming up with new ideas to driver traffic. Our goal is to convince your target audience to do business with your dealership – plain and simple. Get to know Dealer Creative.

The Dealer Creative Process

The television commercials, web videos, and audio advertisements that come out of Dealer Creative are tailored to the client, optimized for the target audience, and true to current marketing best practices. Our unique process gives clients the best outcomes and values for their investments, using in-house services to cut costs and maximize results. Here’s what to expect when you partner with us:

  1. First and foremost, we emphasize creativity. Our team of copywriters will help you come up with a script, scenes, and things to say that separate you from the competition. We’ll get to know your brand on a deeper level, find out about your ideal customers, and create content that fulfills your advertising campaign goals.
  2. Then, we’ll design your auto dealer commercial from scratch, using your ideas and desires to craft the perfect ad for your dealership. Our commercial writers are creative, clever, and educated in putting together optimized auto dealership ads. We’ve written more than 15,000 attention-grabbing commercials that hit the mark every single time.
  3. Next, we’ll take you to our production warehouse for shooting. We have the best tools and technologies for producing auto dealer commercials, including 20-foot green screens, tons of studio space, drones for aerial footage, audio recording studios, and 17 animation/design editing studios. We also have actors and spokespeople on hand.
  4. After production, our editing team will create a masterpiece with the most advanced video and audio editing software on the market. We’ll use your ideas and goals for the advertisement to create a commercial that represents the prestige and professionalism of your dealership. Watch our one-minute auto dealer video demo for more information about our ads.
  5. Finally, we’ll upload, post, and market your video where it needs to go for the biggest impact on your target audience. Our marketing team specializes in video optimization, video syndication, and video analytics to determine where your commercial will perform the best. Marketing is a major factor in the overall success of your ad investment.

Dealer Creative handles commercial production from start to finish, leaving no stone unturned to give you the very best ad for your money. We create high-quality videos for dealers in the USA and Canada that see real returns on investment. Our ads will drive the right people to your store at the right time – a prime combination for satisfied buyers and loyal, lifetime customers.

Start Creating Your Perfect Auto Dealer Commercial Today

Dealer Creative has helped hundreds of companies excel with custom advertisements for TV, radio, and the web. We understand what it takes to create beautiful, high-quality and high-impact auto dealer commercials that will speak loud and clear to today’s consumers. Our ads are honest, interesting, and intuitive of consumer demands, making them the perfect tool for increasing your traffic, conversions, and bottom line.

We know your dealership doesn’t have the budget or time to waste on a major production that misses the mark. Save yourself trouble by partnering with Dealer Creative, where we create ads faster, better, and for less than the competition. To learn more about auto dealer commercials with Dealer Creative, dial (800) 951-4005 or submit our online contact form.


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