“Your relationship with the customer starts when you enter their lives through your advertising.”

– Jeff Hayes
CEO & Creative Director
Dealer Creative

Auto dealer advertising excellence.

There’s nothing like car dealer advertising, and we love it. The passion, the pace, and the pursuit of success we experience with auto dealers is unparalleled.

And Dealer Creative is the same way. We’re striving for auto dealer advertising excellence and dominance every day. We also believe that since you’re spending good money on traditional media, digital marketing, or both, you should never settle for “average.” Why make the media investment then blow it buy airing a commercial with no strategy behind it?

Every TV commercial, radio ad, and pre-roll video you create should paint a picture of professionalism and quality for your store. Trust and believability are what today’s consumers demand. And that’s why you’re going to get advertising excellence from us.

Car shoppers want to trust car dealers.

Over the past couple of decades, Dealer Creative has created over 20,000 attention-getting, high-impact car dealer TV and radio commercials and pre-roll videos. The result? More and more car dealerships are driving traffic to their stores using a professional, believable presentation, rather than dressing up the general manager in a clown costume and having him yelling and honking his horn for 30 seconds.

Those obnoxious car dealer spots are on the decline because today’s consumer wants to do business with a dealer they can trust. And that’s why Dealer Creative’s proven formula is on the cutting edge of car dealer advertising. Our auto dealer TV commercials, radio commercials, and pre-roll videos build your dealership’s credibility while still grabbing the attention of your target audience, getting them interested in your offers, then motivating them to visit your dealership or website.

Speak the truth.

Why are standup comedians funny? Usually, it’s because they’re telling the truth. We laugh at what comedians say because deep down, it resonates with us.

The same can be said about the truth in relationships, the truth in the media, and the truth in the Bible. You know, that you know, when what you’re hearing or reading is the truth. Humans are wired to respond positively to what is true, but our BS meters go through the roof when someone’s trying to pull one over on us.

So while Dealer Creative’s TV commercials, radio spots, and video pre-roll ads can be high-energy and passionate, we also encourage our dealers to be as positive, straightforward, and truthful as possible. We’re all for auto dealer sales events, but not crazy, hyped-up car dealer advertising… which could cause suspicion with car shoppers.

Get off on the right foot with your customers. We’ll help you build trust from the first second of your commercial.

“…and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32


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