At Dealer Creative, it’s not about just whipping up a car dealer ad and rushing it off to the stations. Of course we can do that, but for us, developing high-impact auto dealer advertising and creating car dealer commercials is a way of life.

That’s why hundreds of auto dealerships and automotive advertising professionals have partnered with Dealer Creative to develop attention-getting, high-impact TV commercials, radio commercials, and video pre-roll ads.

Every day, we work with:

  • dealer principles
  • general managers
  • sales managers
  • marketing managers
  • owners of ad agencies, small, medium, and large
  • ad agency account executives and creative directors
  • ad agencies who want a full service creative & production team
  • digital agencies who need creative and video specialists

The truth is that any Joe Schmoe can put your TV commercials, radio commercials and web videos together. The problem is that Joe doesn’t live and breathe this stuff. He’s just a production guy.

At Dealer Creative, we are automotive advertising professionals who invest significant resources into making our car dealer commercials even more effective, how to drive even more traffic to your dealership, and to become even better auto dealer commercial writers, designers, and producers.

In fact, every Tuesday morning is “Competition Tuesday” where we evaluate the competition and have roundtable discussions about everything from advertising to creative to psychology. Ultimately, we’re determined to find out:

  1. what causes people to do the things they do, and
  2. how do we apply that to car dealer advertising

The more we know about how your potential customer thinks, the easier it will be to convince them to do business with your dealership.

Creating car dealer spots quickly and having you on the air ASAP is very important, but only part of the equation. We’re all about helping you drive traffic now, while also building your dealership’s brand for the long term, being a part of a cohesive dealership marketing strategy, and maximizing your advertising frequency and media investment.