Car Dealer Videos

Car Dealer VideosIf you know you need a dealer video but have no idea where to begin, come to Dealer Creative. Dealer Creative has teams of experienced professionals that can take your car dealership advertisement to the next level. We offer services to create your video from start to finish, all in house. Our production company intelligently and efficiently handles TV commercials, radio ads, web videos, and pre-roll videos that will drive traffic to your store. Our skilled writers, designers, and advertising professionals have everything you need, all in one location.

Car Dealer Videos Faster, Better, and for Less

Close to 16,000 square feet of studio space gives Dealer Creative more than enough room to accommodate projects of any size and caliber. We’ve invested in the best technologies and equipment to give our clients the easiest and most cost-effective experience possible. When you work with Dealer Creative, you have access to:

  • Two 4,000-square-foot TV studios
  • A 4K drone for high-quality aerial footage
  • A mobile production unit
  • 20-foot green/blue screens
  • An Audio recording studio
  • Three audio editing suites
  • 17 animation, design, audio, and video editing centers
  • Two dedicated high-speed fiber internet connections
  • Over 100TB of media storage on site
  • Unlimited cloud storage

Our mission at Dealer Creative is to create superb car dealer videos while helping car dealerships stay within budget and on tight deadlines. We know that auto dealers don’t typically have an expansive budget to invest in media, but that shouldn’t mean paying for commercials with no strategy behind them. Dealer Creative is an affordable, efficient source for videos that achieve excellence without breaking the bank. We accomplish this feat by keeping all our services in house. We keep everything we need right at our fingertips, including the most creative minds, cutting-edge equipment, and latest production software.

The Importance of Creativity in Dealer Video

For car dealer videos that make a big impact, you need more than a production company. You need a creative company. When you work with Dealer Creative, you’ll leave with more than just an awesome commercial. You’ll leave with an ad that will continue to drive traffic for as long as it runs. We create videos that won’t make consumers want to hit “Skip Ad.” Our creative marketing team understands that today’s customers want truth and honesty from a car dealership. Learn more about truth in dealer videos. At Dealer Creative, you benefit from our world-class production capabilities and creative thinking.

The modern consumer is savvy and wants more than just a good deal from an auto dealership. Consumers want to buy from a dealer they can trust. Dealer Creative’s marketing team can help you create a commercial that showcases your company’s dependability, transparency, and professionalism. Our dealer videos grab the right kind of attention, building a brand’s credibility and generating hype around your dealership. Our professional content writers will help you construct an advertisement that sends your message and motivates people to visit your website or store, using current trends and best practices.

Gone are the days when car dealership commercials had to include loud, pushy salespeople yelling at the audience to get attention. Today, car dealership ads use smart marketing techniques and believable presentations to spread brand awareness without irritating the audience. Dealer Creative has a proven formula for writing and developing car dealer advertising. Read about our process. Hundreds of auto dealerships have come to our company for high-impact car dealer videos that are effective and better than the competition. We are your go-to source for auto dealer creative services and video production.

Services We Offer at Dealer Creative

When we say Dealer Creative is a full-service creative and production company for dealer videos, we mean it. We aren’t simply a production company that leaves you to your own devices for a few hours of paid studio time. We will take care of your video from start to finish – from helping you create a branding campaign to directing and shooting a video that reflects it. We save auto dealers money and time by taking care of the entire process right from our location in Raleigh. We offer these services:

  • Creative services. Our team includes some of the top creative minds in the industry, here to help our clients with professional copywriting, targeted retail campaigns, branding campaigns, and optimized advertising consulting. Our creative team is the lifeblood of our company, and the magic behind the 15,000+ videos we’ve successfully produced.
  • Video production. We are masters of video production, pulling out all the stops to make your video everything you dreamed it would be. We can produce TV commercials, video pre-roll ads, all kinds of web videos, long form and corporate videos, and out-of-home displays. We offer on-location shooting in a 4,350-square-foot studio with in-house actors and spokespeople available.
  • Audio production. On top of our superb video capabilities, we also enable dealerships to create radio advertisements in our audio production studio. We can produce streaming radio ads for apps such as Pandora, custom jingles, and hire voiceover talent for your audio ad needs.
  • Your commercial wouldn’t be complete without the finishing touches of a professional design team. Our designers can help you design your brand’s logo and build an identity, as well as produce banner ads and complete the graphic design for your videos.
  • Video marketing. Dealer Creative doesn’t just create car dealer videos and then leave clients hanging. We finish the job all the way through to video marketing services. We offer video optimization, syndication, analytics, and interactive videos to catch your target audience’s attention.

There’s nothing Dealer Creative can’t do when it comes to auto dealership commercials. We pride ourselves on being a top choice for all kinds of ads and creative/production services. Contact us to find out more about our services and to start creating your own dealer commercial.

Ready to Start Dealer Video Production?

If Dealer Creative sounds like the production company for your ideal car dealer video, please get in touch with us. We love helping dealerships drive traffic and improve their bottom lines with optimized videos that get the job done. We’ve reinvented the dealership video so you can get the most out of your screen or radio time. Enjoy higher visibility than your competition and consumer buzz that lasts for years to come. If you’re ready to create your own dealer video, call Dealer Creative at (800) 951-4005.


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