Automotive Video Production

Automotive Video Production If there is one thing that can significantly boost traffic to your dealership website or store this year, it’s automotive video production. Dealer Creative is in the business of writing, directing, producing, and marketing exceptional auto dealership commercials for television, radio, and the web. We know the importance of quality and craftsmanship when it comes to video production. We created Dealer Creative to give dealerships an alternative to boring, cookie-cutter ads that make consumers press “Skip Ad” instead of watching. When you partner with Dealer Creative, you’ll receive a video that’s up for the tasks of driving traffic and sealing conversions.

Types of Automotive Video Production We Handle

Dealer Creative is a full-service video production company. We handle video production from head to toe, starting with creative campaign managing and copywriting, as well as carrying a production all the way through to the final marketing plan. We have everything you need to come up with, produce, and publish video content that will make an impact. Dealer Creative has the tools, equipment, and creative minds to make videos including:

  • Television commercials. We’ve reinvented the traditional auto dealer TV commercial, modernizing it and tailoring it for today’s audiences. Our commercials are real, honest, and poignant. They portray car dealerships realistically, not as loud, pushy sales centers, and the people who work at them as the honest professionals they are. Learn more about our TV commercials.
  • Web videos. Video is a major part of any modern business’s web content strategy. We help dealers create web videos of all kinds, including About Us videos, Why Buy Here clips, business philosophy videos, explainer videos, holiday videos, branding videos, and more.
  • Pre-roll videos. You’ve seen them – the 30-second advertisements that play before the content a user has chosen to watch. The ads we create aren’t the kind that make consumers hit “Skip” – your target audience will actually want to watch your pre-roll video through to the end.
  • Company videos. If you need to create intelligent and efficient employee training, customer service, employee orientation, or corporate/long-format videos for your company, Dealer Creative is your one-stop-shop for automotive video production.
  • Out-of-home (OOH) displays. OOH advertising reaches consumers when they are outside their homes, playing in public places such as in medical offices, billboards, and kiosks. These videos should be elegant, to the point, and memorable to stick with viewers until they have a moment to contact your dealership.

Auto dealer videos should convey trust, show consumers what they’re missing, and drive traffic to stores or websites. Videos by Dealer Creative accomplish these goals and much more. Our video optimization team knows exactly how to position your commercial for its best chance at reaching your target audience. When you need videos that get the job done the very first time, come to Dealer Creative. View samples of our videos to see what we’re capable of producing.

The Automotive Video Production Process at Dealer Creative

In our years of experience working with clients from all over the USA and Canada, we’ve learned that clients feel more confident in their automotive video production investment when they know exactly what to expect from the video production company. Dealer Creative is always transparent with our production techniques. We welcome you to explore our process and learn what separates us from our competitors. Here’s a brief overview of what Dealer Creative will do for your dealership:

  1. Creative services. You’ll start at Dealer Creative with an in-depth conversation with our ingenious creative thinkers to determine your short- and long-term video production goals. We’ll get to know your brand, your mission, and your general ideas for your video. Then we’ll put our best creative minds to work planning and copywriting your advertisement. Our creative team can also help with retail campaigns, branding campaigns, and advertising consulting.
  2. Automotive video production. The main service at Dealer Creative is creating incredible dealership videos. During the production phase, you’ll work with our video development team and take advantage of our supreme recording capabilities to create the commercial of your dreams. Use our actors, voiceover talent, two 4,000-square-foot TV studios, 4K drone for aerial footage, mobile production unit, 20-foot green/blue screens, audio recording studio, and more.
  3. Designs with you in mind. Once we’ve gotten to know your brand, our design team will go to work optimizing your video and branding services for your unique identity. We have professional graphic designers to tackle banner ads, print design and layout, logos, and identity design on your behalf.
  4. Build your brand for the long term. With Dealer Creative, automotive video production is just a piece of the puzzle. We’ll help you build your brand’s identity for the long term, designing logos and helping create a cohesive dealership marketing strategy. This maximizes your media investment and gives you long-lasting returns.
  5. Masterful marketing techniques. We have an entire team dedicated to marketing at Dealer Creative. Video marketing is just as important as the production quality. Without video optimization, syndication, and intelligent video analytics, your video won’t reach its intended audience or drive traffic as it should. We handle marketing like pros.

Since Dealer Creative handles all our services in house, we can offer them for lower prices than our competitors offer. That means faster, better automotive video production for less. Our commitment to creating superb videos for dealerships on a budget has made us a top source for auto dealer videos in the US and Canada.

Get Started with Automotive Video Production Today

If you’re ready to get started creating your ideal auto dealer video, get in touch with Dealer Creative. Contact us today and we’ll show you proven sales event concepts, help you come up with commercials for your specific brand, and put you in touch with one of our Creative Directors to get the ball rolling. We know you’ll be impressed with our amazing on-location production capabilities, ultra-friendly and knowledgeable staff, and revolutionary creative ideas for driving traffic to your store.

Digital creative and custom advertising can make all the difference to your dealership this year. To get started with your professional auto video production with Dealer Creative, call (800) 951-4005 to contact our headquarters.


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